New Arrival!

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Hello everyone I am pleased to announce that the new baby has arrived, 6 days early at 4:25 am. Everyone is happy and healthy. I am going to see Carrie and the new baby girl today. I will get all of the details and see…

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Baby Avery

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Here’s to you Baby Avery with your beautiful chunky legs! No one could look cuter in a tu-tu than you do!

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Being on the other side of the camera

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Being about ready to welcome baby #2 into our crazy lives, it was time to be in one of my least favorite places…. the other side of the camera. Yes, I completely understand what it feels like to be uncomfortable with a camera pointed in…

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Two Draghis in the hospital….

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I went into early labor on Friday. After getting the labor to cease and the baby’s vital signs to return to normal, I spent the night in the hospital under observation. My dear husband was kind enough to stay with me overnight. But, in the…

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